Kelsy Osterman presents HUMAN NATURE: AN IMMERSIVE MOVEMENT, a night of artistic expression brought to life through a collection of visual and audible works. Human Nature is a celebration of peace found in the present moment, explored through photography, video, interactive fiber sculpture, light, sound, and vocals. Kelsy aims to guide her viewers in this multi layered experience with the overarching question, “How do you find peace?” To Kelsy, peace is the wholeness created by the right relationships with oneself, other persons, other cultures, Earth, and the larger whole of which we all contribute. In an era of device-obsession, consumerism, and political upheaval, Human Nature urges participants to commit to finding inner peace, embracing stillness, and actively sharing out this serenity to counteract the stress and anxiety permeating our culture today.

Human Nature, an invite-only, one-night immersion held on the Summer Solstice. Constructed in the sprawling Peterson Milla Hooks Building beneath a glass roof, the experience weaves a natural phenomenon with familiar objects and spaces to awaken participants to awe and peace in the mundane and routine. Installation elements are dispersed into rooms and joined by a common sound experience, inviting participants to converse, bask, and contemplate.

Channy Leaneagh, lead singer of Polica and Human Nature guest collaborator had this to say of the artist, “Kelsy seeks peace, sincerity and intention in all she does; the way she moves through the world, her professional and creative integrity and the feeling of joy and beautiful inquisitiveness that permeate her.”
How DO you find peace? I am not AT peace very often, so this experience has given me a lot to think about, including the idea the connectivity can mean peace. I typically need a lot of space and connecting can seem like a drain, but feeling connected to so many different people at the show gave me a really good feeling, and an awareness that I can always connect…
— Chris Larson
Upon my return home from Human Nature that following week, I was in withdrawal from my newest addiction: COMMUNION. It took me a month to find my ground again. This experience that Kelsy created had brought together so many people, and made connections in the most insane of ways. It was the best experience of communing with others I’ve have ever lived. But the work is never over. This art exhibition of spirituality and our innate beauty renewed my conviction to continue on this solo journey called life.
— Samuel James
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